What is ICMA?

The ICMA is the Center for Marketing Analytics of IÉSEG School of Management (Paris & Lille, France). It is a knowledge hub formed by a team of academic experts with a proven track record in the fields of marketing analytics, customer relationship marketing (CRM) and database marketing that aims to support teaching, research and business projects.


ICMA Marketing Research Seminar

Title: Using Early Click Information in Online Flash Sales Campaigns [...]

January 2017
IÉSEG, Lille Campus

EIRASS Conference

Demoulin N., Willem K., (2016), Irritating factors in the retail [...]

Juillet 2016
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Connecting business and
academics results in
better, fresher ways of
leveraging customer data.

This is what we strive for on a day-to-day basis at the IÉSEG Center for Marketing Analytics (ICMA): placing business-driven applications at the heart of innovative research projects and training in marketing customer analytics.

– Kristof Coussement, Ph.D.,
ICMA founders.