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Stefano Nasini presented his paper “Designing a road network with toll setting and hazmat transportation”

EMAC 2018

Nathalie Demoulin presented her paper “Conceptualization And Measurement Of The Shopping Experience In An Omnichannel Context “

2018 AFM Conference

Nathalie Demoulin presented her paper “Etude De L’integration Asymetrique D’un Magasin En Ligne Dans Un Magasin Physique Pour Des Biens De Recherche Et Des Biens D’experience”

MAF 2018

Stefano Nasini presented his paper “A bilevel programming approach for global investment strategies with financial intermediation”

BAFI 2018 Conference

Kristof Coussement presented his paper “Beyond clickthrough rate: measuring the true impact of personalized e-mail product recommendations”

IC2S2 2017

Stefano Nasini presented his paper “On the estimation of pairwise influences in dynamic choices”

21st Conference of IFORS 2017

Kristof Coussement presented his papers “Leaf modeling: An application in customer churn prediction” and “Inferior member participation prevention in online research communities”

ICMA Marketing Research Seminar

Title: Using Early Click Information in Online Flash Sales Campaigns Speaker: Victor Martinez-de-Albeniz from IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain