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What is ICMA?

The ICMA is the IÉSEG Center for Marketing Analytics of IÉSEG School of Management (Paris & Lille, France). It is a knowledge hub formed by a team of academic experts with a proven track record in the fields of marketing analytics in the field of customer relationship marketing (aCRM) and database marketing that aims to […]

ICMA Expertise

The core competences of ICMA lie in the realm of marketing analytics, which intends to deploy customer data and analytical methods to enhance marketing efforts’ productivity. It constitutes a subdiscipline in marketing that has evolved enormously over the past 20 years and today constitutes an umbrella term of many closely related concepts: Analytical CRM Customer […]

ICMA activities

The ICMA activities are organized around three pillars: Research A research agenda focusing on innovative methodologies and applications in marketing analytics.   Training & Education A large portfolio of courses related to customer analytics and digital marketing offered to IÉSEG master students: Customer Intelligence, CRM, Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising, … Advanced MSc in […]

Why Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics recognizes the value of a company’s data. All information that a company collects about its customers – transactional data, profile information such as demographical and psycho-graphical information, customer communication, web site usage etc. can potentially be deployed to increase the ROI of your marketing efforts by making them more effective. Many companies have […]

Applications & Methods

During recent years, the field of marketing analytics has substantially evolved on two dimensions. First, new methodologies have been developed and rigorously tested in the conventional disciplines of database marketing. Examples of these innovative techniques are ensemble learning, Bayesian modeling or text mining. Second, the principles of marketing analytics have found their way into new […]