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AMA Winter Conference

Matthijs Meire presented his paper entitled “Online review Network Dynamics of Restaurants in Local Competition”.

Nathalie Demoulin at the EMAC Committee

Congratulations to Nathalie Demoulin who has been elected as the National Representative for France and as a member of the Executive Committee at EMAC (European Marketing Academy). More information about EMAC :

Frontiers in services

Nathalie Demoulin presented her paper “The digitalization of retail store through the integration of online store through mobile apps and interactive kiosks”

30th European Conference on Operational Research

Kristof Coussement organized  the stream in Business Analytics with 4 sessions (16 presentations) Matthijs Meire presented his paper “The Impact of Local Competition on WOM”   Arno De Caigny presented his paper “Customer Life Event Prediction”   Minh Phan presented his paper “Detecting Online Student Dropout: A Machine Learning Approach”

International Network Optimization Conference

Stefano Nasini presented his papers “Road network pricing, regulation and expansion for multiple vehicle categories: an integrated framework” and “A scalable interior-point method for classes of minimum cost  flows problems”

ISMP 2018

Stefano Nasini presented his papers “A bilevel programming approach for global investment strategies with financial intermediation”and “Min cost flow in bipartite networks: a specialized interior-point-method”

29th European Conference on Operational Research 2018

Kristof Coussement presented his paper “Efficiency in Multi-channel Retail Chain Store: A Two-stage DEA Approach with Environmental Factors and Ecommerce Indicators”   Minh Phan presented his paper “The beneficial effect of ensemble learning in predicting student drop-out in online learning environment”   Arno De Caigny presented his paper “Integrating textual information in customer churn prediction […]


Nathalie Demoulin organized the SERVSIG Conference at IÉSEG School of Management