What is ICMA?

The ICMA is the IÉSEG Center for Marketing Analytics of IÉSEG School of Management (Paris & Lille, France). It is a knowledge hub formed by a team of academic experts with a proven track record in the fields of marketing analytics in the field of customer relationship marketing (aCRM) and database marketing that aims to support teaching, research and business projects.

Our mission is to establish synergetic, innovative projects, offering innovative solutions to real-life business needs related to marketing analytics and transfer expertise to students, professionals and organizations. We intend to bridge the gap between academic research and business needs establish durable research collaborations between academics active in research in the fields of database marketing, customer intelligence, digital analytics, big data analytics or analytical CRM, and businesses in need of solutions related to one of these topics.

These collaborations could take one of, but are not limited to, the following forms:

  • Ad hoc, joint research projects around a specific objective
  • Single- or multiyear company sponsorship of Ph.D. research
  • Specialized training / Executive education with specialist courses related to database marketing
  • Guidance of student projects

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