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Stephanie Beyer Diaz

Stephanie Beyer Diaz is a PhD candidate at IÉSEG School of Management (LEM-CNRS) of the Catholic University of Lille, France. Her thesis topic is Data-Driven Innovation in the Financial Services Sector. She is collaborating with an international financial services provider based in Lille, implementing Deep Learning models for different customer-centric tasks.

She has professional experience in banking and e-commerce, and previously earned her MSc degree in Big Data Analytics at IÉSEG School of Management.

Philipp Borchert

Philipp Borchert is following a joint PhD program at IESEG School of Management and KU Leuven. His thesis topic is about incorporating unstructured data sources in the business decision-making process with specific focus on natural language processing (NLP).

Philipp has professional experience as a Consultant in the Finance and IT domain.

He teaches several courses MSc. Big Data Analytics program, including Credit Scoring, Recommender Systems and Communication Tools.

Khaoula Idbenjra

Khaoula Idbenjra is a PhD candidate at IÉSEG School of Management (LEM-CNRS) of the Catholic University of Lille, France. Her thesis topic is about Learning Analytics in the Marketing Research. Khaoula is working on real-life datasets providers in order to help improving the managerial decisions.

Khaoula obtained her Master degree in Big Data and cloud Computing, and her Bachelor degree in Computerized Statistical Modeling from the faculty of science Ain Chock of Casablanca, Morocco. Currently, she also involves in the financial industry in Oney Bank under a CIFRE contract.

Emil Guliyev

Emil Guliyev is a PhD candidate at IÉSEG School of Management (LEM-CNRS) of the Catholic University of Lille, France. His main research area is on Retention Modeling. Currently, Emil is collaborating with international software company based in Belgium (Enfocus) to research on various machine learning models for customer churn prediction. He is experienced in analyzing big data using state of the art techniques. Emil is actively presenting his research works on multiple conferences around the world.

He has previously worked in cruise industry (Carnival UK), hotel industry (Hilton Baku), and accounting industry (Arcland LTD). He earned his masters degree in Business Analytics and Finance at University of Southampton.”


AMA Winter Conference

Matthijs Meire presented his paper entitled “Online review Network Dynamics of Restaurants in Local Competition”.

Nathalie Demoulin at the EMAC Committee

Congratulations to Nathalie Demoulin who has been elected as the National Representative for France and as a member of the Executive Committee at EMAC (European Marketing Academy).

More information about EMAC :

Frontiers in services

Nathalie Demoulin presented her paper “The digitalization of retail store through the integration of online store through mobile apps and interactive kiosks”

30th European Conference on Operational Research

Kristof Coussement organized  the stream in Business Analytics with 4 sessions (16 presentations)

Matthijs Meire presented his paper “The Impact of Local Competition on WOM”


Arno De Caigny presented his paper “Customer Life Event Prediction”


Minh Phan presented his paper “Detecting Online Student Dropout: A Machine Learning Approach”